Winter Special

We're smack in those doldrum days of winter and I need something to get my mind off how cold it is. So I'm offering $100 off readers reports!

I'll give your manuscript at least two reads and write up a detailed letter explaining what works and what doesn't, noting the issues and triumphs and brainstorm ideas for improvement. No markups will be made to your files. 

This service now has a flat fee of $400 for all books under 90k. Over 90k, please inquire, I'll give you a discount too!

To get started, please email me at with the following info:
  • Your genre
  • Your query/a short summary or synopsis (1 page or less) 
  • The word count (or projected word count if not complete)
  • Your first chapter (up to ten pages)
  • Your publishing intentions. Do you plan to self-publish? Go traditional? Aim for traditional and go it yourself if nothing happens? 
  • How did you hear about me?
Please embed all materials into the message in standard format.

I'm looking forward to seeing your projects! 

Deal valid until the end of March. Pay now, redeem any time during 2019. Yes, these may be used to purchase gift edits for friends and family.


Hey guys!

I offer competitive pricing and a friendly approach that takes the worry out of writing. 
With quick turnaround times and experience you can trust, your work will be transformed 
into a book you can afford to be proud of.

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