Previous Client Testimonials

Cassandra Brown helped me tremendously with Blood is Thicker than Magic! Her Developmental Edit allowed me to get this story on the right path and her proofreading edit saw the book through at the end of its journey. Thank you Cassandra! -Jay S. Willis, Author of Blood is Thicker than Magic

- Jay S. Willis

I realise I’m going to have to rewrite most of the story. But I’m actually excited to do that. Your editing and words of advice have made it crystal clear why it is imperative that writers NEED to have their work looked at by professionals like you. I have a couple of friends who read my MS and are quite handy with the copy-editing side of things, but, where the plot is concerned, hands down, nothing beats a pro! I cannot thank you enough for this; for me, it’s been money well spent.
- Joy V. Spicer

Every fellow writer I know and every article on writing I've read says, "You need an editor." But still I doubted. I had a diverse group of beta readers, many of them fellow writers, and they'd all helped make my novel better. Would an editor really offer anything new? I also had a healthy dose of fear that hiring an editor would be paying someone money to rip all of my blood, sweat, and tears into little pieces of confetti. My intuition wouldn't let it go and I continued to browse potential editors' websites. Then my intuition went crazy when I visited Cassandra's website. She was beyond qualified and experienced, she had reasonable rates, and she seemed to be a good genre fit for me. Also: when I showed her website to friends, one of them said, "If we knew her in real life, she'd definitely be in our tribe." So I took the leap and hired Cassandra. And I am SO glad I did. She was not just another beta reader. She pointed out problems that none of my beta readers had and correcting those made my novel far better. But she was also quick to provide the encouragement writers so often need by pointing out what was right. I hired an editor but I feel like I got a champion. My only regret was that I didn't immediately have a second book ready for Cassandra to edit.
- Mike R.

You were always professional and kind and spot-on with your comments and I've recommended your services several times over. You helped me at a time when I was ready to give up on writing. Your enthusiasm for my work kept me going and that is worth acknowledging, indeed! So thank you more than I could say.
- Shannon P.

Just wanted to send a quick thanks for your help. I was really feeling uncertain about the intro and now I feel much better. Cutting the first paragraph was tough but I do believe it was the right call.

I want to thank you again for your insight and critique. I really have developed the characters, I alternated POVs as suggested and have developed voices unique to each, which was a HUGE challenge. I also really worked on developing Nessa as a whole and am very happy with her now. I dove more into developing each characters thoughts and emotions also. Thanks so much for everything, I am very happy with how it's come along.
- Amanda H.

I just wanted to email you and say thank you for all your help on my query! I found my dream agent and signed with her a couple of weeks ago :) Thanks for helping me take my query to the next level, allowing me to get in the door with agents!
- Molly Lee

I sent out a bunch of queries Friday and Eric Myers from the Spieler Agency asked for my full manuscript on Saturday, and he called on Sunday to offer me representation. I wanted to thank you for reading my manuscript. I don't have any beta readers I can send stuff to. All of my friends are pretty much illiterate! So now the hard part begins: finding an interested publisher. And the funny thing is, I'm still getting requests from agents to read my full and partial. I'm in the awkward position of actually having to reject interested agents!
- Mike Bloemer

I sent it to Cassandra, anxious to hear her impressions, knowing I didn’t have all my bunnies in a row even after rewriting it 50 times. Upon receiving her first response, I was surprised to find her questions evoked better understanding of what I needed to have in this query. She didn’t write the query for me, but she asked important, thought-provoking questions and explained why various elements didn’t work. Now the true test… a real live agent. Within 24 hours, I received a partial request from the first agent I sent it to! My query was gold, thanks to Cassandra!
-Eisley Jacobs

Cassandra started the project right away and completed it on time. She caught even the smallest of errors, such as extra spaces between words. She was able to correct mispellings of unusual words such as Guy Fawkes Day. Highly recommended.
-Gail Mathabane, co-author of Love In Black And White

Cassandra proved to be extremely helpful in assisting me to identify elements in my query that needed to be changed and strengthened. I’ve been told in the past that my letter was too vague, preventing the reader from getting a firm handle on what my story is about. Cassandra took the time to review the query and provide me with specific feedback. I now have a firm foundation on which to build an effective query that will hopefully inspire an agent to request pages of my manuscript and ultimately representation.
-June Goodwin

I recently decided to have my MS edited by Cassandra, and she gave so many amazing critiques that really, truly made me think about my characters...their motives...and so many other parts of my story in a whole new light. I have just started mulling over the changes that are going to take place, but I can already see how much better (and more professional) my work is going to be.
- Holly L'Oiseau

Tired of rejections, I was about to shelf a project I was submitting to agents. However, after submitting to an editor and having her say that the premise sounded so interesting that she put it at the top of her pile, but she was passing because I needed a bit more editing, I decided I should give my novel another chance. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. I've revised and revised until I couldn't think any longer. That's when I came across Cassandra's site. I had Cassandra do an edit for me. When I got the thing back, it was a hard pill to swallow. I had some issues with dialogue, character development, and scenes that weren't doing anything but weighing my story down. Working with her edits, I've brought my story to a higher level with better developed characters, action scenes that moved the story forward and dialogue that worked. And Cassandra's fees won't break your piggy bank. She's very professional and delivers her work in the time frame given. From now on, I won't struggle for a year trying to revise my work, instead I'll use Cassandra's services right off.
- Brenda Drake