What To Expect

Turnaround times:
Full MS's: about 15 business days from contracted date.
Reader's reports: 10 business days from contracted date.
Ala carte blocks: About 48hrs per block
(note, blocks do not need to be scheduled in advance. They can be paid for and the files sent over at any time.)

My availability can be found at the bottom of editorcassandra.com

I'm firmly in the "teaching" camp. I want to help you edit not just this book, but every book you will ever write. I believe this method helps you get the most bang for your buck.

Therefore, I don't just fix repeated words in copy edits. I highlight them so you can see what patterns you have and you'll know to look out for them in the future.

I don't edit the voice out of your book. I will, however, point out when that voice doesn't match the character's other actions or dialogues.

If you spell something that you've made up two different ways, like a company or character name, I won't just pick one and change the rest to match it. I will make a note for you to be consistent though.

I will never make a change to your manuscript that isn't tracked. There will never be surprises and all changes will be undoable with a single click. Track Changes is wonderful.

Every manuscript is returned to you with tracked changes and/or an editorial letter, usually within ten business days.

I believe in the Oxford comma.

My notes will include the following, if applicable:

  • Is your book too short or too long, and, if so, why?
  • Does it have any major organization or structural problems?
  • Have you missed any key ingredients or not sufficiently developed any scenes or topics?
  • Have you overwritten your story?
  • Are the characters original and fully developed?
  • Are there any issues with POV?
  • Is any backstory engaging and revealing or does it need work or perhaps deletion?
  • Is the dialogue genuine and fresh?
  • Is there too much interior monologue or description and exposition, with too little action and/or dialogue?  
  • Are there any clichés or stereotypes that weaken your writing?
  • Is the plot original and compelling?
  • Is there enough believability, suspense, action, conflict, and tension?
  • Are there any sections of flat or passive writing?
  • Are there any repetitive words or phrases?
  • Could your book attract an agent and/or publishing company? If not, why not?
  • Is there anything else at all that you, as the author, could do to improve it?
  • Anything else that I deem important enough to include.

NOTE: While I may have worked with a literary agent in the past, please note that this does NOT mean that I will share your work with them or make any promises of recommendations or referrals. These two parts of my professional life are completely separate. My writing life is also separate. There is a section of our contract that protects both your ideas and mine. Any and all edits done on your work will belong to you and you alone.

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