About the Editor

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England - MA Creative Writing
Novel writing track
Awarded: 2008 - Merit Honors

Rochester College, Rochester Hills, MI - BA Professional Writing, minor in Communication
Senior thesis on poetry
Awarded: 2007 - Cum Laude

Adjunct English professor at Rochester University (Formerly Rochester College) since 2018.

Interned for a top literary agent in NYC from 2009-2011, added to staff for rights reversions through 2014.

I offer competitive pricing and a friendly approach that takes the worry out of writing.

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About Cassandra:

The complete Ravenclaw package, I earned my BA in English from Rochester College and MA in Creative Writing on the Novel track from Newcastle University. My international perspective gives me a unique view of the industry and I read widely to stay abreast of the market. I spent a few years as an agent intern and on staff for rights reversions and as a guide for self-publishing.

While I specialize in YA editing, I have experience in new adult and adult crossovers. I am thrilled each time projects go on to sell to publishers and top the NYT and USAToday bestseller lists. With a quick turn around time and experience you can trust, your work will be transformed into a book you can afford to be proud of.

I can be found drinking tea and playing with my corgis in Capac, MI, online at editorcassandra.com, and on twitter @OnlyCassandra.
What kind of books do you like?
YA is where my heart lives. Love witches and adventures and end of the earth and space. Give me the weird, funny, scary, contemplative, love-stricken, and the books of your hearts. But please, no sexy aliens, vamps/weres, or angels/demons. 
What is your background in editing?
BA in English, MA in Creative Writing, several years of experience at a literary agency, and a shelf full of satisfied, published author friends. 
What can writers expect from working with you?
Expect me to bring my training and experience to the table. I'll try my hardest to get your MS into the best shape I can. Hopefully you'll come away having learned all you can about the strengths and weaknesses of your MS and we will have worked together on how to address any issues.
What do you expect from writers?
I hope that you take this opportunity seriously and make the effort to work as hard as you can. It'll be intense, but you'll have me by your side. I promise that it will all be worth it!
What hobbies do you have outside of writing and editing?
I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. I play with my corgi pups Clementine and Moo, and my brother's corgi pup (Delacour), and my aunt's corgi pup (Bentley). I take karate classes (I'm a blue belt) and I do custom glittered tumblers on the side too. I help run my husbands karate dojo social media. I also work part time at a Lutheran church as their secretary. During the fall semester, I teach Literature Post-1650 college classes to high school kids at the local TEC. 
What three books would you save in a dystopian future where libraries are banned?
  • Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey - (Historical YA, Yay!)
  • JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Kevin Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead.