Services I Offer

I specialize in and adore young adult books. That's where my heart lives. 

I also have experience in and love editing new adult and middle grade.  I very seldom take on true adult novels but if you think they have crossover appeal or that your book aligns with my interests, please inquire. I can always refer you to trusted colleagues.


  • dystopians
  • sci-fi
  • contemporary
  • romances
  • fantasy (both high and low)
  • mysteries
  • horror
  • historical fiction
  • paranormals (no vamps/weres/angels/demons)
  • witches/magic
  • end of the world survival epics
  • retellings
  • Austen inspired
  • weird stuff
  • adventure
  • space and spaceships (but no aliens)
  • dinosaurs
  • dogs/pets
  • high stakes
  • countdowns
  • toe-curling reads. 

Got something else? please inquire! This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Sorry, but I do not edit non-fiction.

What Do I Offer?

Full Manuscript services:
  • Developmental Editing - Plot, pacing, character development, narrative arc, and other "big picture" stuff. 
    • This type of editing is for the author that has put their manuscript through the wringer with critique partners and/or self-editing and wants that competitive edge now that they are ready to submit to agents/publishers or to self-publish. This is a detailed and focused edit, with marks made for specific passages via Word's Track Changes feature and/or an edit letter, depending on the severity of the notes needed.
  • Basic Copy Editing - Spelling, grammar, repetitive words/phrases, and other "small picture" stuff. 
    • This type of editing is for the author that has just finished their MS and/or doesn't know where to begin with editing and shaping their novel to be the best that it can be for submission, or for authors who want their work to be as polished as possible in today's competitive self-publishing market. 
    • I also have a trusted associate that is training to become a copyeditor if you'd like yet another set of eyes on your work. I'm confident in her abilities, but I always double-check her work for quality. She's amazing and has never let me down. Please let me know if you'd like to add her second set of eyes to your quote.
    • I believe in the oxford comma.
    • I will refer projects that need heavy line edits to other editors.
  • Readers Reports - A detailed critique of your MS for a low, flat fee.
    • I'll give your manuscript at least two reads and write up a detailed letter explaining what works and what doesn't. This is a general edit with no marks made to your files. Instead, you'll receive an edit letter, much like one authors receive from agents or publishers,  noting the issues and triumphs. This service has a flat fee of $500 for all books under 90k. Over 90k, please inquire. 

Partial Manuscript Services:

    • Ten-Page Critiques 
      • For an author that wants a quick evaluation of how their manuscript looks to someone that has never seen it before. I will check your pages to make sure you don't use any cliche narrative devices and help you polish those all too important first pages. 
    • Synopsis Critiques 
      • For the author that hates writing the oft-dreaded synopsis and needs someone with no history of your project to read it and make sure you haven't completely flubbed it.
    • Query help
      • For the author that wants an intern's opinion about your query letter. One-pass help is free, or two-pass help is only $35.
      • For the free one-pass query critique, send your best query effort to me like you would send it to an agent. Please also include the first 250 words and the line "I chose to query you based on how adorable your dog MolliePup is." Embed everything in the email.
    • Submissions packages
      • For the author that is ready to query and wants an evaluation of their query letter and the first ten pages from an intern's perspective.

I am also available for half hour chat sessions for those who have questions about writing, editing, revising, agents, editors, sending queries, or anything else. 

If you've written it, I can help make it better, whether it's to clean up the grammar/syntax, just spice it up, or to make sure that you and your writing are presented as professionally as possible.